Sapphire Sands Private Resort

A Playground of Comfort & Relaxation

Sapphire Sands Merges the Unique Comforts of a World-Class Resort with the Relaxing Ambience of a Beachside Environment .
Have you ever felt like you just wanted to bring the beach home with you? At Sapphire Sands, that’s the whole idea. Designed by Justin Fox of California Home Studios, Sapphire Sands is an inspired take on an indoor-outdoor beachside environment, complete with one-of-a-kind architecture, a serene tropical atmosphere and a scenic overlook of beautiful Orange County. 

Designed for the Kid-at-Heart

 The design of Sapphire Sands is based on a playful vitality brought out by natural shapes, inviting colors and creative structures. Designer Justin Fox was inspired to build on features of fun and security when designing this unique luxury resort. Ideal for kids and the whole family, Sapphire Sands makes use of rounded architecture to create an inviting environment that blends distinct shapes, vibrant colorations and natural features such as palm trees, grass and water. 
Kids will love Sapphire Sands, where the surroundings really come to life at night, thanks to colorful light strips against the pool wall, along the boundaries of the floors, and within the unique structures themselves. This combination of colors, lights and tranquil designs help bring out that special sense of comfort and fun sure to make your visit a memorable experience. 
The pool area at Sapphire Sands really emphasizes its beach-like appeal by highlighting several features of the ocean, a sandy beach and the colors of the water. The designer’s goal was to create an organic feel by limiting straight lines and edges, allowing smooth and natural formations to dominate the overall appearance of the pool area. The pool wall is made of smooth, hand-scraped texture that adds to the ambience of the surrounding architecture and is accented in the reflection of the light strips at nighttime. 
The pool entry flooring is reminiscent of a sandy beach descending into the water, where it blends into the island as the water gets deeper, creating an authentic ocean feel. The island itself is home to several palm trees and smooth artificial grass, which together add an element of green space to the pool area and the resort as a whole. The border wall of the pool is designed in a varying mosaic wave of blue, which becomes covered in the overflowing pool water and lights up in the reflection of fireside colors — really coming to life at night. 

Green Space with an Authentic Outdoor Feel

Everything about Sapphire Sands is designed to give you the comfort of being in an indoor-outdoor environment, where the tranquility of nature blends seamlessly with the relaxation offered by surrounding luxury. From the soft grass and polished rocks to the natural plants and the mosaic of colors and lights, you’ll find that the features of Sapphire Sands create a cozy balance of natural qualities that give you peace of mind.  
As you sit back and unwind, the soft sounds of the water fountains, the fireplace and the natural ambience of the architecture are sure to put you at perfect ease while you enjoy every moment in this beautiful yard.

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