Sanctuary Pass Private Resort

Born from Simplicity, Designed for Wonder

Sanctuary Pass Blends Elemental Appeal with Artistic Insight.

An ideal backyard sets the tone for comfort with a combination of elements, eye-catching features and a singular style that unifies the home and its outdoor accommodations. Sanctuary Pass symbolizes this perfect setting and beckons you to stay with traditional hallmarks of leisure and an almost classical style of architecture and design.

A Soft Tone of Striking Elements

Sanctuary Pass makes use of common design elements and imprints its own sense of distinction with artistic imagination. It all begins with the spa, which, with a soft and circular design elevated in a reflective glass tile structure, actually changes colors and shimmers in the various hues of daylight as water passes over its full-circle infinity edge. 


The spa certainly sets the tone at first glance, but the way its unique design mingles with the neighboring features and enhances their functionality is what truly characterizes the spirit of Sanctuary Pass. The connecting pool, directly accessible from the spa, serves as an extension the spa’s architecture and is specially-designed with smooth and rectangular contours to set off the its circular features. 


While the pool was purposely-raised to enhance the safety of Sanctuary Pass, such a design feature allowed for additional structural elements that come with unique opportunities of their own. The pool’s barrier is widened on the side to accommodate for a poolside seating and patio area, which stands on a dark-colored wood deck that aligns with nearby tiles and creates a softer flooring feature perfect for extended relaxation. 


The patio cover, complete with its own set of pillars and an offset cover pattern, matches the pool in both color and a smooth, symmetrical design — further enhancing the visual appeal of this restful environment. Yet another feature adding to the overall theme of Sanctuary Pass is the pool wall, which is covered with a thin marble tile that’s been bonded together and given a detailed, dark gray outline to make each section resemble a block of marble laid down to create a historic sense of luxury.

Welcome to Seclusion and Privacy

With all its impressive design elements, there’s an intangible centerpiece at Sanctuary Pass that gives essence to its name. Several features merge together to create a sense of pleasant isolation for anyone that enjoys open spaces and the comforts of seclusion. Here, large ficus trees line the borders and cast a friendly shade on the grounds while creating an atmosphere of privacy that transcends day and night. The tall and bushy trees also direct focus beyond the property, where a picturesque and sprawling view adds to the overall leisure and tranquility of the setting. 


At Sanctuary Pass, where a backdrop of rolling hills and impressive vistas lie just beyond the glass fence, having the privacy to enjoy its magnificent view and luxurious amenities makes every visit more than worthwhile.

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