Glass Falls Private Resort

Where Serenity is the Center of Attention

Glass Falls hosts a unique center piece with creative possibilities. In many ways, Glass Falls is an artistic expression of architecture. Inspired by the surrounding landscape, which lacks a background view, the goal of Glass Falls was to create an optimal focal point within the property grounds in order to draw immediate attention to its central features. As you enter the space, one of the first things to catch your eye is the color of water amidst the light-colored aspects of the surrounding stone structures and walkways.

An Ambience of Persistent Distinction

Aptly-dubbed Glass Falls, the center piece of this property is an acrylic glass wall, behind which the azure-colored pool waters stand surprisingly—and invitingly—behind its beautifully-transparent embankment.

Glass Falls capitalizes on its unique focal point to contrast one captivating element after another. In a setting of smooth lines, refined edges and creative features, one such feature is the levitating fire block. The fire block is actually a projection of the aligning step, and is purposely-positioned in front of the pool glass to create a glowing, reflective silhouette at nighttime, which can be seen from various vantages around the grounds — including from inside of the pool through the glass wall itself. When seen through the pool, the fire block mingles with the water transparency to make a natural, rippling glow effect that can only be created with a backdrop of fire through water.

The longer you stay at Glass Falls, the more you’ll notice a continuation of distinct features intended to emphasize the creativity involved in its design. While the home itself is a highlight of refined edges, Glass Falls follows suit with perfectly-angled marble tiles and rectangular symmetry in everything from the structures and the flooring to the seating areas and the pool, where hidden lights within the tiles themselves come to life at night in spectacular contrast to surrounding colorations and features.

Harmony in Design

As you ascend the stairs leading to the spa, you are met with beautiful floating steps rising majestically out of the overflowing pool water, and will find the spa area complete with a cover of accent metal carvings that stay true to the surrounding symmetry and environment. The cover itself adds an element of shade and privacy to the spa area, as well as serves as a unique overhead feature supported by its own set of pillars that present yet another creative design element.


The seat bench area, designed in a harmonized trend of smooth edges and refined shapes, sits at a distance from the fire and glass wall in order to provide a more comfortable vantage from where both features can accentuate one another. Glass Falls makes use of specific sandstone colorations that complement the colors of grass and water to create a feeling of peace while enticing the visual senses. Together with its creative architecture, such as the gorgeous pool structure, unique glass wall, a levitating fire block and the inspired spa area, Glass Falls is designed to put an ideal focus on relaxation, beauty and comfort in your own private setting.

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