Abundant Elegance with a Compact Expression

The Black Opal Maximizes Space to Create a Distinctive Feeling of Luxury.

A limited space boasts unique possibilities of its own, and The Black Opal capitalizes on a seemingly small backyard to create an experience of sweeping elegance. 

In many ways, The Black Opal serves as a centerpiece of the home and an amazing backdrop view, where hills and a coastal countryside roll out into the distance and capture the essence of the Californian landscape. Entering The Black Opal, you are met with a contrasting view of distant scenery and a very near sense of luxury that can only be experienced in a location such as this.

Broad and Impressive Character

The Black Opal can easily beguile your perception with broad features that make perfect use of its limited spaces. Its first move is tying the home and backyard together, with interior flooring that runs right into the backyard through a beautiful set of pocket doors, which, as they are opened, make it hard to distinguish between where the indoors end and the outdoors begin. 


Entering The Black Opal, you are immediately met with one of its most signature features — the spa. Elevated within polished black walls, the spa extends its infinity edges on three sides and rises above the pool and the surrounding shrub to provide a commanding view of the distant landscape. This unique spa was specially-design for The Black Opal and its theme of transforming a limited space into one of notable grandeur. The spa itself is actually a fountain, with its interior seating design resembling an organic shape akin to a lily pad of spacious accommodation. 


Next to its ample bathing space is a dry seating area that gives you an even better vantage of the surrounding architecture and scenery. The spa’s gorgeous seating space is housed by its own garden enclosure on three sides, complete with plants, a tree and one-step access to the spa waters, allowing you to enjoy all of its comforts close by or from within.

Creating a Sense of Invitation

The Black Opal creates an atmosphere of cozy invitation, and comes with a large pool that makes perfect use of the provided area by expanding naturally to its edges. The pool’s design features, such as its smooth black edges, symmetrical outline and matching colorations, all help add to the stylish elegance of this incredible setting. 


The Black Opal’s essence is captured through a large living room window, which gives you a striking view across the water, towards a custom fountain piece along the edge of the pool, and beyond into the scenic outdoor landscape. The fountain’s marble staircase matches the surrounding pots in pearl white color and contrasts beautifully against the dark colors of the surrounding architecture. As water pours out of the fountains, it gently trickles down along the mini stairs and creates a trickling stream effect that finds its home gently in the pool waters.  


Within the home’s walls, a beautiful courtyard with a huge tree ascending out of the roof piques your interest as you make your way through and gives you a taste of the outdoor setting that awaits you. At night, The Black Opal becomes illuminated with ambient lighting and makes an ideal location for relaxation, swimming and stargazing. The serene sound of fountains, the glow casted by shining black architecture and a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor only add to the rare experience that is The Black Opal.


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