Aqua Garden Private Resort

An Alluring Play of Water

Aqua Garden is a Stunning Display of Water that Creates a Sense of Magic

There is no limit to creativity at Aqua Garden, where every chance to capture your attention with the magic of water is presented as a unique feature of shape, color, lighting and beauty. 

Aqua Garden invites you one step at a time to its beach entry, a mosaic of sand-colored tiles that blend out of the California room as an extension of the interior, creating a seamless feeling of harmony between home and pool area. As the tiles descend into the water, they adopt a gradually-bluer hue to create the illusion of a sandy beach disappearing beneath the azure-colored waters of the ocean.

Unlike Anything Else

With mesmerizing persistence, Aqua Garden redefines pool architecture by virtue of completely original features that tie into each other without the slightest hesitation. The border walls of the pool, covered with smooth black bricks that shine as the water cascades down its sides, create a trough and a maze-like path through the water as it leads to a reclusive corner spa. On top of the wall stand several stone bowl fire pits that appear to float as water comes flowing from beneath them and off the walls, where light adds to the shining and glowing ambience of Aqua Garden. 


The pool walls stand out with inviting accent, fountains lining their tops and creating playful water arcs near and above the fire pits, designed to capture the glowing light of the fires at night as well as add to the prevailing water element of Aqua Garden. Yet another captivating aspect of this open pool setting is the floating deck, which was specially-designed to create an island-style feature that looks to be only accessible by water. Here, you will find a seating area and an exclusive vantage over Aqua Garden, with a hidden staircase behind the deck to get you back to land without getting your feet wet.


The pool area is a continual expression of Aqua Garden’s emphasizing qualities, with curved and partially-submerged pool chairs that are equal parts architecture, design and intriguing modes of comfort. As you relax and pass time at Aqua Garden, evening arrives, and something truly magical happens.

A Nighttime Crescendo

The magic of water discovers newfound essence at nighttime, when glowing lights, a dance of vibrant colors and shimmering reflections create an inescapable beauty that is the highlight of Aqua Garden.

As darkness falls, light begins to glow from every imaginable feature — from within the floors, the walls and the water itself. While architecture and water define Aqua Garden during the day, it is the beauty of light which brings shape to this enchanting setting at nighttime, creating a timeless experience complete with firelight, reflection and the glow of illuminated water. 

 In the middle of Aqua Garden stands a tree, which, during the day may seem as a casual design element that brings nature to a landscape of water and stone. At night, this tree becomes a central feature as it is illuminated by thousands of lights that cast an ambient glow in all directions of Aqua Garden, mingling with the colors of a blue, shimmering pool and creating a mirror-like reflection on the surrounding water. Truly pleasant in both day and night, Aqua Garden makes relaxation come naturally with a play of sight and sound designed to charm your senses.

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